In a 1999 Gallup poll of over 1,000 adults called on the phone, who were asked What do you think is the greatest rock and roll band or group of all time? The Beatles were # 1!


The Early Beatles Were Very Wild & Had Sex With Tons Of Young Women Groupies Many Who Were Just Teen Girls While They Toured With THeir Joke Fake Cleaned Up Image

Not only is this so ignorant,ridiculous,and false on a creative and musical level,but on their personal level too.  I  guarantee true genuine boy bands don’t have groupies.
The Beatles had sexwith *tons* of young women groupies,many who were just teen girls especially during their touring years of 1963-1966 ironically they did this the most during the joke fake cleaned up image Brian Epstein created for them in their early days.In reality they were like pimps playing the part of priests! It’s no coincidence that in The Beatles Anthology video series that Paul,George and Ringo made,the story that is reported of The Beatles being thrown out of a US hotel in August 1965 because Paul was found in his hotel bedroom with an underage girl, that is included in the first great Beatles documentary from 1982 The Complete Beatles which none of thehad any involvement making,is completely left out of The Beatles Anthology.
Paul McCartney also said in Hunter Davies 1968 first edition of the only authorized  great Beatles biography called,The Beatles, that he had sex at age 15 with a girl who was older and bigger than him,and most 15 year old boys weren’t havingsex in 1957,and he said he bragged about it to his classmates the next day and that he was the first one in his class to have sex.Paul also said in this book,that he would go into strip clubs at only 13 and he was the lad in his class that drew nude women.He also got another girl who was his girl friend,pregnant when he was 17 and she was 16,and Paul’s father and her parents wanted them to get married but she had a miscarriage.

Hunter Davies says in his 1985 update of his Beatles biography, that The Beatles were no different from any other rock band when it came to groupies and he said they just had more to chose from. He said it was up to the road manager to say to these young women,you,you and you 5 minutes later which is really sexist and disgusting but it’s totally typical for every rock band which is what they always were.
Why  I  Didn’t Tell The Whole Truth About The Beatles by Hunter Davies

Definition Of A Boy Band On Rate Your Music,A Male Vocal Group Put Together By Talent Managers Or Record Producers,They Just Sing And Dance,They Don’t Play Any Instruments Or Write Any Music

Definition of  a  boy band on Rate Your Music, a male vocal group put together by talent managers or record producers,they just sing and dance,they don’t play any instruments or write any music.









They are just these geeky teenage boys only singing and dancing on a stage!








Like One Direction,NSYNC,The Back Street Boys and New Kids On The Bock










The Link To My Original Blog Debunking The Ignorant Myth That The Beatles Were Ever A Boy Band.

This picture has been re-posted on other sites and in the comments on Pinterest someone so rightfully said,The Beatles weren’t a boy band,boy bands are terrible,they have little or no talent like One Direction.
Here is also my  original great blog with a lot of great information debunking this extremely ignorant,ludicrous myth that The Beatles were ever a boy band,
I lost my password and accidentally blocked wordpress from sending me a new one so I’m posting the link to my first blog with a lot more information on it,
The Beatles Were NEVER A Boy Band They were Always A Great Rock n Roll,Pop Rock And Rock Band From The Start!
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