Sesame Street One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others ,One Of These Things Just Doesn’t Belong Here, This Is What Should Always Be Played Whenever Someone Ignorantly,Wrongly Puts The Beatles In Any Stupid,Uncool,Untalented Boy Band Category!

This is really what should always be played whenever someone ignorantly,wrongly puts The Beatles in any stupid,uncool,untalented boy band category!
Sesame Street – One Of These Things – food and mitten – Bob (1969) via @YouTube


Book,I Want To Tell You-The Definitive Guide To The Music Of The Beatles Volume 1 1962/1963 By Musician Anthony Robustelli

As this reviewer S Riaz explains Once the basic information is out of the way, there is backround about who wrote it,where and when it was released,plus a lot of detailed information and analysis of the music itself. For lovers of music there is endless discussion about chord progressions,instruments, influences and the eclectic musical tastes,sophistication and complexity which The Beatles showed right from the start of their recording career.


Monkee-ing Around With The First Boy Band This June 2000 NY Daily News Article Is About The Monkees As The First True Boy Band

Monkee-ing Around With The First Boy Band


This June 2000 NY Daily News Article by Richard Huff Is About The Monkees as the first true boy band and he says the fact is they were arguably the first boy band long before anyone had actually coined the term and said they were The Backstreet Boys before any of the current Backstreet Boys were born.

It’s about a VH1 TV movie about The Monkees Daydream Believers:The Monkees Story as VH1’s vice president of motion pictures Michael Larkin says the movie is about how The Monkees were the first boy band.